What is the GP Weight Loss Alliance?

The GP Weight Loss Alliance (GPWLA) aims to leverage the passion and expertise of general practitioners across Australia to help their overweight patients lose weight.

We are calling on GPs to sign up to play an active role in local media relations activities. This will be part of a broader campaign that showcases the role played by GPs in effective weight management.

The GP Weight Loss Alliance and the associated patient education campaign are both sponsored by iNova Pharmaceuticals.

The patient education campaign (launching in early October) will include a television commercial, print advertisements, online promotions and media-medico Dr Ginni Mansberg as the national GP Ambassador.

Consumer research shows that Australians think a visit to their doctor to discuss weight issues is a last resort. Many believe that all a doctor can offer them is bariatric surgery. The patient education campaign will help change the perception that Australians have of their GP by showing how GPs act as committed partners to make a success of their weight loss journey. The key message for patients in the campaign will be “When diet and exercise are not enough, talk to your doctor about clinically proven options to help you lose weight”.

What is in it for me to participate?

Signing up to the GP Weight Loss Alliance will help you to:

  • Increase your profile locally as you come to be known as a GP with a special interest and expertise in weight management
  • Do your part to tackle the issue of overweight and obesity – one of the most important public health challenges that Australia faces today

What will I be asked to do?

GPs that sign up to the Alliance will be asked to assist with local media interviews to explain how GPs act as partners with their patients to help them lose weight. These interviews will be generated as part of the broader education campaign.

While it may sound a little daunting to have the local media spotlight on you, we’ll give you guidance, advice, plenty of notice and briefing notes to ensure you are well informed for these interviews.

Local media are always interested in good, personal patient case studies. So you might also be asked to chat to one of your patients who have had a recent positive experience in regard to weight management to see if they would agree to assist with local media.

How do I sign up?

Submit your details in the form on the right or contact Ishtar Schneider at

Palin Communications
email: ishtar@palin.com.au
phone: 02 9412 2255
mobile: 0422 944 023

Should you wish to opt-out of participating in the Alliance, please notify Ishtar Schneider using the contact details above.